sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Mujeres De Arena - Testimonies Of Women In Ciudad Juárez

Alicia Martín
La compañía de teatro aficionado Maru-Jasp represent this weekend at La Galera the play "Women of Sand '.
The killings of hundreds and hundreds of women in Ciudad Juárez is the theme of Women of sand, the work of Humberto Robles to be represented this weekend at the tables in the Theatre Gallery of hand Jasper Maru company.
is one of the texts represented in contemporary theater, more than 60 companies have jumped on stage to remind the women of Ciudad Juarez and in the framework of International Women's Day, will be performed in places around the world as Mexico City, Iztapalapa, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Monclova, Ramos Arizpe, Florence, Seattle, Valencia, Rio Grande, Sydney and, of course, Alcalá.
For this purpose, relied on the advice of Javier Juárez, a journalist who made complutense his doctoral thesis on the critical situation that exists in this city of Mexico, even to the founding of the organization No They're Not All, sent them the text is aware of the high sensitivity of Jasper Maru, to know, were in the "obligation to take all possible scenarios these stories of women who have no outlet in their lives and their country."
Moreover, Juan Casero will be responsible for the direction of the assembly to be held in the city Complutense, explaining that "it is a text that the author created with the intention that would be known throughout the world to spread the situation in Mexico. In fact, it is free of copyright, do not get any benefit. "
The text includes the testimonies of four women-a mother, a daughter, a cousin and a young woman murdered, victims of femicide that has been committed in Ciudad Juárez since 1993, interspersed with several poems by various authors. An actor participates giving facts and figures on the low-intensity war against women and the lack of action by the Mexican government to halt, eradicate and prevent these crimes.
However, this representation bears the stamp of Home because "we have tried to make it closer in time and in European culture, taking the tragic weight of the works come from America. We approached the drama, but removing the tragedy. " Thus, adding that "our characters suffer, yes, but we remember that they are happy people with a life."
And is that fear with which women live in Ciudad Juárez is difficult to describe with words. As the director explains, "It is difficult to identify with what happens so far. It seems unthinkable that disappeared hundreds of women and girls in a country of what we call developed or first world. In fact, we ourselves were shocked when they find a total of 100 women killed in one year, and there is almost the same figure but in a single month. Us that we miss, we can not understand. "
Therefore, created this documentary, to denounce the ongoing femicide that Casero takes to the stage in a "very dynamic, with many entrances and exits the stage." However, the director prefers not to give many clues about the assembly because as he himself says: "¡Hay que verlo!"